Friday, 18 January 2013

Portfolio Entries List

DUE: January 28th 

Here is the list of all the items that students should have in the final portfolio of ongoing work throughout the course.

Portfolio Entries:

- notes on definitions
- 2 collages that show CONTRAST
- your name in hieroglyphics
- hieroglyph alphabet handout
- Invention Form #1: WRITING
- 1 page of stamps and print-making
- Invention Form #2: PRINTING PRESS
- Invention Form #3: TELEGRAPH
- Morse Code alphabet handout + your name in Morse Code
- Invention Form #4: TELEPHONE
- Invention Form #5: PHONOGRAPH
- Invention Form #6: RADIO
-The Creative Process Handout
- Design C.R.A.P. Handout
- Photoshop Tutorial #1 Handout
- Invention Form #7: PHOTOGRAPHY
- Invention Form #8: FILM
- Invention Form #9: DIGITAL MEDIA
- Invention Form #10: THE COMPUTER
- Invention Form #11: THE INTERNET
- Invention Form #12: SOCIAL MEDIA
- Your 10-hour work log

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tree Mural Video

Last term my Integrated Arts class painted a tree mural at our neighbouring Fun Community School.

We enjoyed working on this project and I made the film above as an example of a high-speed movie for my grade 10 Communications Technology class.

How to make a high-speed film using imovie

High-speed film assignment (10%)

The grade 10 class will submit the high-speed film assignment (below) on Friday January 18th for the class critique. Include a half-page write-up of your creative process.

How to make a stop-motion film in imovie

Stop-motion Film Assignment (10%)

For grades 11 and 12, the stop-motion assignment below is due on Friday January 18th for a class critique. Include a half-page write-up of your creative process with your film.

Film Powerpoint